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How A Merchandising Solution Can Add Value to Your Business

How A Merchandising Solution Can Add Value to Your Business

clock January 7th, 2019

Posted By sparfacts_admin

It might surprise you to learn that you don’t need just a huge marketing budget, or new branding to add value to your business. Many smart retail businesses have chosen to invest wisely in the aesthetic direction of their business, through smart and design-led merchandising. If you want to make a splash in the new year and capture a new calibre of clientele, consider what merchandising can do for your business.

It attracts the customers you want

It’s a task in itself identifying who your target market is, and how your retail product contributes to their needs. But when you have that persona in mind, how do you draw them to your brand? Not surprisingly, your customers do judge a book by its cover and you can use this fact to your advantage or disadvantage. Conceptualise your merchandising concept with our team of merchandising experts, and start revolutionising your retail presence to be a place that your customers want to visit and spend money in.

It sends a message about who you are

Brand identity is everything, and those brands who do it well see immediate value to the overall business model. There are so many options and competitors out there that customers can pick and choose their preferred suppliers. Customers will typically choose brands that they have shared values with, and merchandising is the way you can express the ethos and personality of your brand. Sparfacts have helped brands find their niche with purposefully designed merchandising that speaks to who they are.

It positions your business in the market

Perhaps your retail offering is more premium to those you may be lumped in with. Or it could be that you are a more affordable option that your potential customers don’t yet know about. Let creative merchandising by Sparfacts say what your business has struggled to communicate. There is so much untapped potential to forge your position in the market, and your customers are just waiting to know who you are through clear and consistent merchandising.

It is a set and forget measure

Unlike many other business strategies, merchandising is largely a set and forget measure. Once you have established and designed a merchandising strategy, you can effectively let it prosper with little to no maintenance required. Your staff must of course work to maintain the condition of your installations, but overall you will not need to upgrade or change your merchandising too many times in a calendar year. For a business, a one time investment is always an attractive concept. Allow Sparfacts to make smart merchandising changes once in your business, and watch the benefits stack up for years to come.

Sparfacts have helped hundreds of Australian retail businesses realise their potential and tap into a market they never knew was available to them. Discuss your merchandising visions with our Sparfacts designers today on +61 (3) 9376 2255