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How Merchandising Has Changed in the 21st Century

clock January 7th, 2019

Posted By sparfacts_admin

The market is saturated with products and services that are tailored to their intended market. Previously, the consumer would seek out retailers to help guide them in the direction of the right product and service for their needs. However, the 21st century has seen a huge shift in consumer behaviour, with the consumer in the driver’s seat and well versed in what offerings are available, and where they are. Our Sparfacts consultants are leaders in retail, committed to designing concepts that drive incremental revenue to your registers through smart merchandising solutions.

It provides an extension of your brand

Building a brand that reflects your message and mission is one thing, but having this brand identity conveyed visually is another challenge entirely. 21st century merchandising has the ability to stop consumers in their tracks, and prompt them to explore your brand through tailored fit outs and displays.

Through the use of brand-aligned colours, textures and volume of products displayed, you can create an extension of your brand that consumers can physically interact with. Sparfacts have breathed life into hundreds of brand concepts, producing environments that speak to your business ethos through innovative design. If your merchandising plan doesn’t cohesively sync with your website, social and feel of the brand, you may confuse or lose your market to retailers that present a more complete brand experience.

It gives your product or services an edge

It is highly likely that your product or service offering is similar to other retailers in your centre, neighbourhood or market. What’s your point of difference, and how do you communicate this difference in a meaningful way that will turn heads? Sparfacts merchandising has the ability to give your brand a unique edge, that will set you apart from your category type and propel you into a market of your own.

Carve out your brand presence so that you are not lost in the fold between any competing retailers, with your market recognising you are an entity of your own. With only one chance at a first impression, give your retail offering an edge that will capture the interest of your market, with the potential to convert to sales.

Function and creativity can easily be be achieved

Prior to 21st century merchandise solutions, a retailer had to either sacrifice function or creativity when planning the layout and fitout of a store. This is no longer the case. Sparfacts merchandising solutions can now give retailers creative installations that also serve functional purposes that are critical to the flow of your business. With innovative trends guiding the growth of merchandising, retailers are only limited by their imagination when they design the look and feel of their space. Allow your staff to work in a modern environment which affords them the ability to work smarter, while dazzling your consumers with creative displays and designs.

Curate the products you want to sell

When it comes to merchandising, nothing it where it is by accident. Previously merchandising provided one function: getting products on display. In the 21st century, it is about which products go on which display, and how this flow can manipulate the consumer journey. There is a science to how consumers look and move in a retail environment, and enlisting the services of professional merchandisers will give you clarity on how best to position your products so that they land where they should with your unique market. Our Sparfacts consultants have been operating in the retail environment for decades, and apply this experience to your proposed layout to meet your desired commercial and experience outcomes.


The market has changed, and so has the standards of retail merchandising. With competing brands and products vying for your consumers attention, merchandising is an integral initiative that will grow traffic and build brand interest and loyalty. Meet the expectation with creative and functional merchandising solutions, implemented by the experts in retail.

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