In-store Retail Merchandising Services

Professional In-Store Merchandisers

We can deliver a range of in-store retail merchandising services to support your retail sales strategy from ad hoc tactical programs, to seasonal promotions or regular retail programs. Our in-store merchandising company focuses on maximising shelf space for your brands, minimising out of stocks, and optimising your presence in the store.

Regular Retail Programs

  • Versatile Shelf Management Programs to maintain and improve your in-store presentation including planogramming, pricing, and replenishment
  • Reduction of Out of Stocks, Improvement of space allocation, facings, stock weight and brand blocking
  • Delivery of in-store reporting that gives you total visibility of what is happening with your brands in-store
  • Development of in-store relationships that give your brand exposure and support

Tactical or blitz merchandising

  • Speed to Shelf for promotional product distribution and new product launches
  • Installation of promotional displays and point of sale material including posters, bins, stands and new fixtures
  • Execution of pre sell, up-sell and suggested order to improve buy-in and stock weight
  • Execution of in-store tie up for catalogues, promotions and other marketing
  • One off in-store fixes for urgent issue resolution
  • Seasonal in-store support for key trading periods

Specialised and tailored programs

  • ¬†Delivery of vendor refill programs to influence sales, including increases to ranging and distribution
  • In-store data collection including price auditing, range and display auditing, detailed product level data collection and category/competitor analysis
  • Direct to consumer sales and demonstration programs
  • Recruitment, selection and management of special purpose field teams including dedicated teams working exclusively for your brand
  • ¬†Training programs for field teams, store staff and consumers